AI Solutions

The Performance of “The Bumblebee”

High Rentability

  • Annual Return expected 86% (depending on the risk chosen)

High Accuracy

  • Profit Transactions 84.6%
  • Consecutive Wins 6
  • Consecutive Losses 1

The AI ​​was subjected to rigorous tests, all passed with great success as can be seen in the graph. Solid growth of the capital invested and outstanding accuracy. Once Live, “B” continue developing great results.

The Opportunity within the Crash

The B Account by The Financial Forecast

Your saving or investing account with high rentability to achieve your financial goals

What is “The B Account”?

It is a unique investment product powered by our AI Bumblebee


Is “The B Account” for me?

It is a perfect match for those looking for making their savings grow to achieve personal goals such as mortgage, vacations, education or want to build their own retirement plan.


When can I make withdrawals?

You are the owner of your B Account, so you decide when to make withdrawals as the same as deposits without restrictions. There are no fees from TFF for making withdrawals from your account.


What is the account size deposit minimum?

You can start with a deposit size is $2000 (or account currency).


How much profit can I make?

The performance of our AI has an annual return expected of 22 to 88% depending on the risk chosen.



Are my funds safe?

  • Our partner brokers are licensed and regulated in Europe and obliged to adhere to all relevant European and local laws and regulations.
  • Fast Deposit and Withdrawals to provide you with easy and comfort when it comes to withdrawing your funds. The partner brokers seek to process all withdrawal requests made within 24 hs.
  • Negative Balance Protection you can not lose more than you invest. Your account will never have a negative balance.
  • Professional Support superior customer service for all your needs. You receive the VIP treatment, no matter the size of your account balance.


What fees do you charge?


Our pricing structure is as follows:

  • Standard Accounts are charged 30% Quarterly Performance Fee (You keep 70% of net profit.)
  • Premium Accounts ($25,000+) 20% Quarterly Performance Fee (You keep 80% of net profit.)


  • Standard Accounts You earned $1000 during Q1. You keep $700 and pay $300 as fees.
  • Premium Accounts You earned $10000 during Q1. You keep $8000 and pay $2000 as fees.

There are NO upfront fees associated or “mark-ups“ charged on spreads. This creates a more transparent investing environment that does not encourage account management abuse. Lastly, we operate on a high-water mark. This means accounts are only subject to fees on net profits, with no fees being charged after losing transaction(s) until that equity is made back in the market.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to open an account with a specific broker?

Yes, in order to track the activity of our AI and assure the transparency in the performance of our tool you need to open an account with one of our partner brokers.


Who has access to my investing account?

You always maintain full ownership of your investing account. Therefore, no withdrawals/deposits are allowed by any 3rd parties whatsoever.


How long do I need to keep my funds before closing my account?

You can close your account whenever you want, there are not tenure clauses. You are always the owner of your savings.


Are you managing my account?

No, we mirror the transactions generated by our AI Bumblebee from our master Account to your account under a safe and secure environment.


Are investing accounts managed by real humans or only AI Technology?

Our investment strategies are powered by true Artificial Intelligence. However, our team still recognized the importance of real human intervention when necessary. For that reason, our investment strategies are all monitored 24×7 by our financial analysts.


Can I watch my account in real-time?

Yes. You may log-in to your account 24 hours a day to check the balance, Profit/Loss statistics, make deposits and withdrawals.


Can I watch my account on my phone?

Yes. The Metatrader platform is fully mobile compatible with all modern smartphones and tablets including Apple and Android.


What Taxes are paid on profits?

Due to our clients being from all over the world, it is not possible to speculate on specific tax obligations in your country. Please consult a local tax professional to determine your personal liabilities. Please note TFF does not file any individual user tax reports with any tax authorities unless court-ordered to do so.


The Founder

Our founder Matias Menendez, master in financial markets and asset management was Senior Financial Market Analyst at one of the top online forecasting companies producing Forex, commodity markets, and equity index foresight. He developed the algorithm DMFM “Dynamic Multi Fractal Model”, an algorithm able to predict future movements of financial instruments with incredible accuracy. Menendez is the author of the book “Elliott Wave – The Fractal Behavior of Financial Markets”. He is also a content writer and contributor for top financial content providers like, and the IEATEC Magazine.