Are investors losing interest in Bitcoin?

Since February 6, the major cryptocurrency became spice and exciting to trade, growing from the bottom in 3328 to 13380, more than 300% value increase, something extremely attractive for any investor. But since the end of June, the BTC dipped to level off around the 10000, followed by a decrease in the volume. One easy and effective way to measure the investors’ mood is through the search trend, and we can see how it drops since Jun 29. But why after this massive growth did the mood change?

Google Search Trend for Bitcoin

The investor psychology follows a fractal pattern, that is endogenous and autoregulated. The iterations in this fractal construction reflect investors mood and are connected to each other in length, time and speed, not giving room to random behaviors. That is what our algorithm, the Dynamic Multi-Fractal Model does. It gives us the coming iterations based on the fractal behavior of each financial instrument, generating signals, measuring trend strength and persistence and detecting turning points, risk areas, target zones, the live sequences and more. We advised our clients about this instance coming. The price had reached an area called attractor at multiple time frames. In these areas, the trend uses to come to exhaustion leading to a turning to the opposite direction.

Bitcoin update June 30th

But that is not all, the drop started in June 27th and ended July 17th was too fast. As sequences in the iteration are connected in time and speed, we knew the Bitcoin needed to stay sideways, consuming time until it is balanced between both waves.

Bitcoin update from July 14th

If the cryptocurrency continues behaving this way, the chances of new all-time highs are closer and closer.

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