Building an Automated Strategy using Elliott Waves and Fractals

Creating trading and investing strategies has never been so easy and profitable. Our EA “The Bumblebee” combines concepts of Elliott Waves and fractals in a highly customizable and versatile tool, able to identify up to 10 different patterns in structure with variable behavior of trend, volatility, and persistence. Now you can easily build your strategies for forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and more.

In this webinar, the author of the book “Elliott Waves | The Fractal Behavior of Financial Markets” will reveal you

* The top guidelines to identify waves correctly.

* The 10 basic patterns to identify.

* The top indicators to determine trend and volatility.

* Money management and risk control rules.

* Automation optimization

Download the PDF…

What can you do with The Bumblebee Strategy Builder?

– Create your own automated strategies and run them in MT4.

– Design custom trading plans, entries, exits, stops, and targets.

– Adjust the pattern structure in length and time.

– Customize up to 7 different indicators including MACD, stochastic, fractal dimension, moving averages, pivot points, ATR, and Bollinger bands.

– Select the desired trading time.

– Back-test your trading strategy ideas and plans, and put them live in your MT4.

Start building your strategies! Download “The Bumblebee | Strategy Builder”…

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