How deep can the crash in the Dow Jones be?

How deep can the crash in the Dow Jones be? by TheFinancialForecast on

Dow Jones Dashboard (generated by our algorithm)

A new cycle started at the beginning of 2020 based on our research and algorithm. In the investigation shared in our blog, we can identify how memory effect switches to a new cycle on Jan, but the question now is how deep and long can this corrective phase in the DJIA and the correlated economies be? In the graph you can observe the highest probable iteration at this moment based on the connection in length – time – speed between the bullish long term cycle started in 1932 and the current one. This bearish sequence can find its end between Jun 2021 to Sep 2024 (the blue area between dotted lines). If the price action breaks the key level at 26672 this scenario is discarded and the Indice will move to new highs located in the green areas.

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