How many US Dollars will cost a burrito?

A more and more stronger USD by TheFinancialForecast on

Best burritos can be found in Mexico, but what can we expect about the USDMXN in the coming months?

First, we need to find out what is the current trend, and the answer for it is in the dashboard included in all our forecasts.

The pair has a bullish overall trend, mirrored more strongly in the spectrum, speed, and some components in the stats analysis, like mean and max. Persistence is even for upward and downward movements, something reflected in the current antipersistent sequences.

At this moment the USDMXN is within the non-trend zone, developing a potential corrective sequence. This correction is also mirrored in the Stats as Min Avg, capturing all the negative movements within the active sequences.

While below 25.17, we expect the pair continues moving downward through 23 – 22 between April 18th and July 11th. The breakout of 25 opens the next bullish sequence.

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