Investment Roadmap 2022

By ElliottWave International

Cryptos competing with USD and EUR. NFTs competing with Rembrandt and Da Vinci. Electric car makers with $0 revenue but market cap bigger than GM, Ford, or Toyota.

How do you make sense of today’s financial trends?

Answer: Use Elliott waves to clarify the global macro environment, ID new opportunities, and protect your existing investments.

In this FREE, big-picture video from our friends at Elliott Wave International, their Head of Global Research shows you the outlook for various asset classes over the next year…

…so you can prepare, in good time.

Market trends change at breakneck speed. It’s tough to stay in front.

We understand. That’s one of the things that make Elliott waves so powerful. Elliott helps you spot opportunities/dangers in advance – so you can apply the knowledge to your portfolio and capitalize on the moves in both directions.

This video by EWI’s Head of Global Research Murray Gunn sets the stage. Murray gives you the Elliott wave outlook for various asset classes around the world over the next year. So you can get ready.

(Filmed on October 19, 2021, for the Money Show Virtual Expo. Murray’s charts reflect the markets at that time; the long-term forecasts stand.)

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