Is the Corona Crisis coming to an end?

Has the Corona Crisis being Eclipsed by Extreme Optimism? by TheFinancialForecast on

The American indices are moving upward since the March strong drop. Optimism is back around the investors and the exit from the total lockdown is bringing some hope of recovery and return to normal activity. But, is it really the end of this bearish market? How investors behave remind me of the psychological profile of B waves in the Elliott world, where macro indicators are opposite to investors’ mood.

The fractal analysis at the monthly range marked a sideways overall trend with bearish presence in the strength and speed of downward movements, but persistence and spectrum are favorable to the bulls. At the weekly time frame, the overall trend is bearish, dominating in 4 of the 5 blocks of our dashboard (available in our free forecast pack). The break of 3215 will open the gates to the bulls taking the price to the attractors situated above, between 3441 to 4190.

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