Is the Ripple starting a journey to new all-time highs?

Is the Ripple starting a new journey to new all-time highs? by TheFinancialForecast on

The XRPUSD, one of the strongest cryptocurrencies from tech POV, skyrocketed last week to new short term highs, almost tripling its value from the last low in 0.1151. The short term sequence is a basic 3 waves iteration, perfectly connected in time-length and speed for the first 2 legs within the pattern. The 3rd piece achieved the 1st blue attractor within also the time expected, around 40 periods, but an extension can occur achieving the 2nd attractor at 0.3615 within ideally 50 to 60 days for the maturity of this 3rd wave. This sequence remains alive above 0.2065. This is the first milestone from many to achieve in a potential journey to 3.23.

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