Amazon bounced up strongly, are the bulls back?

Amazon bounced up strongly, are the bulls back? by TheFinancialForecast on Amazon made a high in 1964 inside the bullish attractor completing 3 waves sequence to dip to 1672 as expected in the previous analysis Now price is being rejected upward from this corrective attractor after a low inside the ideal distribution area […]

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Is Google taking a break before a new all-time high?

Is Google taking a break before new all time high? by TheFinancialForecast on After the marginal high made in 1286, Google and the FAANG dropped strongly due to the fear around the trade war and a potential bursting bubble. Powell´s last words brought calm to the market as a cut in the interest rate […]

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A weak dollar and artificial growth, Until when?

The American economy has grown strongly and practically without rest since the crisis of 2008, where the S&P has increased its value by 278% in just over 10 years. To obtain this growth, the FED implemented a new series of monetary policy tools, such as “quantitative easing” and “repurchase agreements”, which along with interest rates, […]

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Netflix, for how long is it going to be sideways?

Netflix, for how long is it going to be sideways? by TheFinancialForecast on Netflix topped at 386 inside the ideal distribution area and attractor, but the key level at 379 was stronger, pulling the prices down back to the non-trend zone (chart ). The active sequence is being developed inside the dotted lines […]

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Litecoin resurging from the bottom at 22, is it ended?

Litecoin resurging from the bottom at 22, is it ended? by TheFinancialForecast on Litecoin surged from the ashes and grew this year of 500%. Investors emotion is very extreme when we talk about cryptocurrencies when it is going up, the mood is extremely positive and bullish, but suddenly when the advance stop the fear […]

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Is Nvidia turning bearish?

Is Nvidia turning bearish? by TheFinancialForecast on Nvidia made the last high at 193.47, inside the ideal distribution area and attractor (chart ) to bounce down until reaching the lower key level at 134.86. The downward bounce from the attractor and the first test of the key level are increasing the chances of […]

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Alibaba, Does drop make sense?

Alibaba, Does drop make sense? by TheFinancialForecast on Alibaba sharply dropped from the top at 195 and a much more higher than expected last earnings. Strong financials we can find for Alibaba, with an increasing Gross Profit and net income since 2017 and an EBIT that decreased vs LY due to an increase in […]

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Is Tesla Crashing?

Is Tesla Crashing? by TheFinancialForecast on Tesla plummets since December 2018. Price action is inside the attractor for 2 different sequences agrees and the increases in the speed for the last 3 week switched the pattern to the 1st iteration of high probability. This means, while the price stays above the key level at 199, […]

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How to get the best from our Charts and Dashboards?

We analyze key financial instruments from the inside-out, tracking everything from structural behavior and their influence factors to future trends, targets and risk zones. Discover in these 2 videos how to read properly the information provided by the charts in the first one, and the dashboards in the second one, to make the most informed […]

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Dolar débil y crecimiento ficticio, ¿Hasta cuándo?

La economía americana ha crecido de forma fuerte y prácticamente sin descanso desde la crisis del 2008, en donde el S&P aumento su valor en un 278% en algo mas de 10 años. Para conseguir este crecimiento, la FED implementó una nueva serie de herramientas de política monetaria, como el “quantitative easing” y los “repurchase […]

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