See what Elliott waves show next for 50+ global markets (FREE)

By Elliottwave International

2021 is halfway over. In Q3 and Q4, what in the world should you be watching?

That’s not an easy question to answer. There is a lot to look at. In just the past 2-3 months:

  • Bitcoin got cut in half
  • Crude oil rallied from $62 to $76 – that’s 20%
  • Gold dropped ~8%, then rebounded
  • USD had its sharpest rally in over a year
  • Nikkei 225 dropped 1700 points and then rallied 1200
  • Nasdaq rose1600 points – over 12%

Markets are MOVING — and surely, you’re wondering what Elliott waves show for Q3/Q4.

Well, wonder no more. Starting today and through August 6, our friends at Elliott Wave International are inviting you to their Event of the Year — FREE:

“Around the World in 19 Days — Global Market Perspective Gala FreePass

Join this free event now and see exactly what Elliott waves show next for U.S., European and Asian-Pacific stocks, bonds, FX, Bitcoin + cryptos, gold, oil

…this 19-day journey takes you around the world and its 50+ biggest markets.

Who is Elliott Wave International?
EWI is the world’s largest independent technical analysis firm. Founded by Robert Prechter in 1979, EWI helps investors and traders to catch market opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls before others even see them coming. Their unique perspective and high-quality analysis have been their calling card for nearly 40 years, featured in financial news outlets such as Fox Business, CNBC, Reuters, MarketWatch and Bloomberg.

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