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Trader coaching is a powerful way to gain awareness of yourself and your trading or investing.
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Elliott Wave – The Fractal Behaviour of Financial Markets

Whether you are new to the world of financial markets or are a seasoned professional, these 12 chapters will provide you some of the most advanced analysis theories in a new light. Travel through the evolution of technical analysis, from the R.N. Elliott Wave Principle to Mandelbrot's fractal geometry analysis. This fresh reformulation combines several of these theories to give a sharper understanding of time-proven methods.

With more than 150 images, this conclusive book delivers complicated analysis theories in straightforward language, allowing you to fully understand the impact of macro economic events and to develop an informed trading / investment strategy.

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"From the big-picture to the small details, this is a perfect book to help understand the processes that intervene with financial movements and how to correctly analyze their projections. Highly recommended reading!"

Sebastian Agudelo