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With our algorithms and strategies, your wealth can grow and at the same time support those who are in need. Part of our performance fee is donated to non-profit organizations promoting nutrition and education for children. High return and accuracy, total liquidity, no tenure clauses, and availability at all times to make deposits and withdrawals.

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Are you not satisfied with your investing and trading performance? Do you feel you can do it much better?
Let us help you to find the strategy behind your personality that will maximize your profits.
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You select coverage from the world's biggest markets, picking just those markets and timeframes that interest you. Your forecasts are clearly separated in your subscription portal, making it easy for you to toggle between markets and your intraday, daily, and weekly forecasts.
Intraday Forecasts: During market hours, you get near-term forecasts throughout the session. Your forecasts include labeled charts, succinct commentary, price targets, and key support and resistance levels.
Daily and Weekly Forecasts: Every evening you get a clear forecast for the next day, including labeled charts. Also, your weekly forecasts show you how the intraday and daily action fits into the big picture.
By ElliottWave International

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The Financial Forecast aims to help you achieve your financial independence and make this world more equal. It is not profit itself that defines the success of our company, but what we can achieve with it. We want to generate social benefits through the potential of our knowledge about financial market behavior.

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