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Because all investors and traders deserve free information to make the best possible decisions. Our graphics and dashboards will give you the insights you need, like the current trend, persistence, turning points, target zones, active waves, and more for key financial instruments.

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You select coverage from the world's biggest markets, picking just those markets and timeframes that interest you. Your forecasts are clearly separated in your subscription portal, making it easy for you to toggle between markets and your intraday, daily, and weekly forecasts.
Intraday Forecasts: During market hours, you get near-term forecasts throughout the session. Your forecasts include labeled charts, succinct commentary, price targets, and key support and resistance levels.
Daily and Weekly Forecasts: Every evening you get a clear forecast for the next day, including labeled charts. Also, your weekly forecasts show you how the intraday and daily action fits into the big picture.
By ElliottWave International

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Looking to maximize your trading performance?

  • Divergence Cloud for finding powerful counter-trend and reversal opportunities.
  • Volatility Crusher marks rapid expansions when tight price action explodes into a trend.
  • 1-2-3 Strike identifies powerful trend entries when directionality, volatility and volume come together

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