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Unlock a True Financial Success

and Confidence as an investor

  1. Develop this high-income skill to make your wealth grow as you deserve.
  2. Achieve life-long financial confidence.
  3. Control your income and your decisions.

Here’s how it works

  • Along 40hs 1 to 1 you acquire the knowledge to understand how the financial instruments behave to read between the lines their future intentions. From analytics to macro-economics and P&L statements, you create and manage your virtual portfolio, taking your own investment decisions, learning and evolving with the support of your mentor.
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  • Our portfolio managed through a combination of algorithms has beaten in the last 3 years the S&P 500 return.

  • Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bumblebee has an impressive winning over losing ratio of 92%.

  • Get a better return in your investments with total control and availability of your capital.

Matias Menendez,

Matias Menendez is an Argentinean – Spanish assets manager, book author of “Las Ondas de Elliott – El Comportamiento Fractal de los Mercados Financieros” and founder of The Financial Forecast, a company specialized in the development of AI applied to investing. He created one of the most accurate algorithms to foresee the financial instruments called the “Dynamic Multi-Fractal Model”.

Today, Mr. Menendez continues educating and training those who want to unlock a true financial success.

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40hs of 1 to 1 digital mentorship. Combines the benefits of a personal mentor with the convenience and flexibility of online learning.

Virtual Portfolio

You create and manage a real time virtual portfolio acquiring the needed experience without risking your capital.

AI Tools

You have access to our AI investment transactions to understand and learn how to make clever decisions.

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AI “The Bumblebee”

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High Rentability

• Annual Return expected 22% - 88% *

High Accuracy

• Profit Transactions 92.5%

• Consecutive Wins 12

• Consecutive Losses 1

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Unlock a True Financial Success

and Confidence as an investor or trader